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Seesiu makes online shopping kinder to the environment. When you shop online with Seesiu, we cancel the carbon created whilst your purchases travel to you

Let's face it...

... we all love the convenience modern-day technology has brought to our lifestyle. If only there was a way to continue with our online shopping habits without compromising our beautiful planet

That's where Seesiu comes in

Whenever you see the Seesiu logo at the checkout, simply select the option and cancel out all of the carbon emitted from your deliveries. We'll do the faffy bit for you, you just need to click (which we reckon you're already pretty good at)

Here's how we do it


Step 1

Select Seesiu at checkout to make your deliveries greener


Step 2

We collect all of the orders where shoppers have selected Seesiu and buy the right amount of carbon credits to offset the carbon from all of the combined deliveries

(You can find out more about how this bit works here

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Step 3

You'll receive your shopping as normal, but our planet hasn't had to pay the price

Want to know more about how carbon offsets work?

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