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Seesiu makes online shopping kinder to the environment. When you shop online with Seesiu, you can earn Seesiu Perks to spend at our partner stores and we use carbon offsets to neutralise the carbon created whilst your purchases travel to you

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How we do it ?

Step 1

Download the extension for free from here

Step 2

Shop with Seesiu and you'll earn Seesiu Perks to spend at online stores you love
and we'll make your shop greener for FREE!

Step 3

You'll receive your shopping as normal, but our planet hasn't had to pay the price


Genuinely amazed to have such an easy way to make all my online shopping greener! Amazon and ASOS too. Everyone needs to find out about Seesiu!

Glynn Sullings

Loved using this - really simple (even for me..!) and means my online shopping is kinder to the environment. Very happy with it.

Flora Edward

So simple to use and love having the option to make my online shopping greener for the environment!


So happy to have found something to make my online shopping greener! Super quick & easy to download also!

Catherine Sturman

    Frequenty Asked Questions

    Every time you shop with Seesiu at one of our partner retailers we get commission from the retailer. We use some of the commission to buy carbon offsets and pass some of it back to you in the form of Seesiu Perks. A win for you, a win for the environment. Woohoo!

    When you shop with Seesiu, either going through the extension directly or via the popup, you earn rewards that we call Seesiu Perks. Once you have earned 100 Seesiu Perks you can exchange them for a Seesiu Perks voucher that is valid at hundreds of stores like ASOS, Uber Eats and loads more! 

    We have some amazing brands that we work with and are adding new ones all the time. We’ll try to let you know when we get new ones especially ones that we think you’ll like but we’ll also just let you know when you’re on one of our partner sites so you can shop with Seesiu with a click of a button. Easy as pie!

    At Seesiu, we really care about privacy, we think that when you are using the internet you should know exactly what information is collected about you and when it is collected. Your Seesiu journey should enhance your shopping experience by making it greener and allowing you to collect Seesiu Perks for you to spend. One promise we make to you about shopping with Seesiu
     We will never sell your personal data. Never ever. Period. Full Stop.
    For our full privacy policy click here

    Carbon offsets are certificates that are produced by projects to reduce carbon. These projects range from tree planting initiatives (sequestering carbon through absorption), to renewable energy projects (displacing dirty power generation), to improving technology – for example in cooking stoves to increase the efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of local communities 


    At Seesiu we know that we should all try to reduce our carbon footprint and replace some of our actions with those that are less harsh on the environment. But we need a plan for the carbon that cannot be reduced or replaced – we need to offset it. Offsets will help us achieve our climate goals but mean we will still be able to enjoy using all the apps and technology (like online shopping and delivery services) but in a more environmentally friendly way

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