The chrome extension your shopping addiction needs: how to shop greener (and get rewarded for it)

**adds to basket immediately**

Hands up if you’ve bought something online this year.

Yeah? Lots? Us too.

Hands up if you’ve thought about the impact that purchase had on the planet? 

Not so many hands now we bet, but we’re not here to ring the bell of shame or throw rotten fruit at your feet.

If we can be real for a moment, the state of the world is a bit of a shambles right now. And as much as you can say you don’t really know how close we’re teetering on the edge of mass destruction and devastation, you do. Stop fibbing. 

And we can bet that you know your shopping addiction isn’t the best when it comes to environmental damage. Mate, we feel you. We’re not here to make you feel bad about it, or to judge your online shopping habits or your “oh but one more pair of Levi’s won’t hurt” thoughts, because in the long run, the outcome of the planet is mostly out of our hands at this point. 

But not totally.

We’re here to make it possible for you to put that ASOS dress that’s on sale, or those Converse that have finally come out in your fave colour, straight in your basket without the added impact on the environment. 

We’re even going to reward you for it. We’re nice like that.

You’ve got me listening, so what is Seesiu then?

In a nutshell, Seesiu [See-soo] connects everyday shopping habits like yours with carbon offsets and rewards you in the process.

Now, we forgive you if the mention of carbon offsets sounds more confusing than Gerald from Clarkson’s latest TV show, it can seem pretty complicated from the offset (wink) but it’s not too bad once you get your head around it.

Basically, we make the shopping you were going to do anyway better for the planet, by using the commission from each brand in our catalogue and investing it in environmental projects. These projects help to reduce the negative effects the carbon your item’s journey creates to get to you, ‘offsetting’ or neutralising the impact.

Let’s break that down: how does Seesiu carbon offset?

Hear us out. Everytime you buy something online you create an opportunity for carbon to be released into the atmosphere, which in turn adds to the negative effects of climate change we’re seeing world over. 

This is in part from the transport needed to ship your goodies to your door. 

The term ‘carbon offset’ pretty much means to cancel out. So, we use the money that retailers pay us to be a part of our initiative, and invest it in three different types of projects:

Renewable energy

Like The Negros Island Solar Project, that supplies 200,000 homes with clean energy and offsets around 66,000 tonnes of carbon a year

Reforestation/Forest Conservation

Like The Brazilian Rosewood Protected Forest Project (RMDLT), that protects 177,899 hectares of high conservation value rainforest

Energy efficiency

Like The China Cookstove Project, a project in Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou working to get locals to switch to efficient stoves that use biomass instead of fossil fuels

And none of this costs you an extra penny.

Didn’t you say something about Seesiu rewards?

We did! Glad you were listening. When our brilliant retailers, like Glossier, Office, Ellesse and ASOS partner with us, they pay us a commission to be a part of this project. 

As we said above, a portion of that money goes to offsetting the carbon of your items through those awesome projects. The rest of it (with a teeny bit coming to us because you know, business and that), goes to you in the form of a fancy treat we’re calling Seesiu Perks

Seesiu Perks are just that, perks for you as a thanks for shopping through our Chrome extension. A thanks to you for making a positive impact by choosing to offset your carbon emissions when you spend your hard earned cash on the next best skincare icon

Every time you shop through us, you earn these Seesiu Perks, and every 100 Perks amounts to £10 of actual money you can spend with our retailers. You can claim your vouchers in chunks of 100 and it’s all kinds of glorious when you do.

Ready to shop without letting the world drop?

Is this the ticket to end climate change? Not quite. But could this be a gamechanger for the future of online shopping? We sure hope so. Tell ya mates, will you?

Hayden said it best when he left this review: “Honey but for the environment, love this idea and the values it stands for. You got a friend in me.”.

We’re blushing, Hayden. Cheers for that.

Download your plugin here and explore hundreds of stores right now. Go on, you know you want to.

Words: Vicki Chagger 

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