Carbon Offsets

What are carbon offsets?

Put simply, carbon offsets are the “good” done from projects all over the world which help us to fight climate change. They are verified by independent bodies to ensure that they are doing exactly what they claim


Types of projects

There are a wide range of these projects each helping to reduce carbon in a slightly different way, such as;

– Renewable energy projects

– Reforestation projects

– Energy efficiency projects

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Example project 1 - Reforestation

The Brazilian Rosewood Protected Forest Project (RMDLT)

The Brazilian Rosewood Protected Forest Project protects 177,899 hectares of high conservation value rainforest and will prevent more than 20 million tonnes of CO2 over its 40 year lifetime

In addition to the carbon benefits, the project protects endangered tree species like the Brazilian Rosewood and provides jobs for local communities, enabling them to grow certain cash crops. The project also protects at risk animals including the Giant Anteater, the Golden Parakeet and the Ka’apor Capuchin Monkey

Example project 2 - Renewable energy

Negros Island Solar Project

The Philippines rely heavily on fossil fuels to generate the electricity required to meet the demand of the country. The Negros Island Solar Project provides renewable power through the daytime, displacing the need to use carbon intensive coal generation. The project supplies 200,000 homes with clean energy and offsets around 66,000 tonnes of carbon a year

Example project 3 - Energy efficiency

China Cookstove Project

The China cookstove project is a fuel switching and energy efficiency project in Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou. It reduces carbon and other greenhouse gasses by selling more efficient stoves that use biomass – a byproduct from the local agricultural activities to displace coal and therefore reduce emissions. This project offsets around 400,000 tonnes of carbon a year and should offset 2.8mn tonnes of carbon over the lifetime of the project

Not only that, but it improves the living conditions of the local communities through reduced emissions and creating jobs through sales and maintenance of the new stoves

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