Shop with Seesiu: The Christmas Edit (Eco gifts to keep you on the nice list)

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Where to shop, what to get, and how keep your emissions low this festive season

Deck the halls, we’re about to drop the C word. No, not that one, Christmas is coming! 

Are you excited? Are you dreading it because you’re Scrooge and hate roast potatoes? (Please, say it ain’t so.) Whatever the answer, there’s no hiding from the fact that you’ll need to buy at least one gift in order to keep your pals happy and stay on Santa’s nice list.

We know shopping isn’t part of the traditional celebration of Christmas, but society happened and here we are. If you find yourself with a list of chums in need of presents, we’ve got your back.

Before we dive into the Seesiu Christmas Gift Guide, let’s just get one thing out of the way. The brussel sprout of the season, if you will: Christmas can wreak havoc on the environment. 

In the UK each year, we spend around £700 million on unwanted Christmas presents, use a whopping 227,000 metres of wrapping paper and send enough cards to wrap around the world 500 times. And all of that has a carbon emission cost, too.

The best thing to do would be to buy second-hand, make your gifts from scratch or do a ‘stuff I already have’ swap, but we recognise that that’s not everyone’s cup of eggnog.  

If you’ve still got that list of chums to buy for, want to buy something shiny and new and are now worried about how to do it without adding to the chaos that is global warming, we’ve double got your back. We offset the carbon emissions of your shopping when you download our Chrome extension and shop with Seesiu. 

For the shoppers that won’t stop shopping: where to buy for a more eco Christmas

Gifts for home: Bohemia

Homewares make unique and thoughtful gifts. 

Bohemia work in collaboration with artisans in India, Kenya, Turkey and Morocco to produce stunning goods that’ll give you serious kudos – both from the recipient and from the planet thanks to their fair trade ethos.

Seesiu pick:

Open Weave Hanging Baskets from £18

Nearly every home has a houseplant these days so you can’t go wrong here. We’re living in the age of the indoor jungle, and these hanging baskets are woven by hand from palm leaves.

Gifts for kids: Babyshop

Bring the charm of Scandinavian design home with Babyshop, ideal for anyone with offspring 10 years old or younger. 

They’re working towards a more sustainable system, by creating initiatives that align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Seesiu pick:

Colourblock V-10 Mid Sneakers £98

Veja high-tops with eco-friendly vegan leather uppers for kids. It doesn’t get much cooler. The Amazonian rubber they use helps fight against deforestation too, like we do.

Gifts for beauty lovers: Neal’s Yard Remedies

Naural, organic, aromatherapeutic… this one ticks all the boxes. It’s been a stressful two years, and we bet there’s someone that could do with a little self-care in your life. 

Neal’s Yard Remedies specialise in skincare and wellbeing, and were the “world’s first CarbonNeutral® high street retailer”. Yep, they’ve been setting the standard since 2008.

Seesiu pick:

Unwind Foaming Bath Collection £22

Gift the joy that is bath time with this trio of foaming bubble baths, designed to help revitalise, unwind or re-energise. The packaging is all recyclable, too. Soak that in.

Gifts for her: People Tree

If conscious fashion is more their vibe, People Tree’s collections feature organic cotton, responsible wool and the skills of brilliant artisans. 

They’re certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation, Peta and GOTS, and cover outerwear to undies.

Seesiu pick:

Triangle Circle Drop Earrings in Brass £16

These earrings were made by their Fair Trade partner Bombolulu, who gives opportunities for people with physical disabilities. That’s pretty epic if you ask us.

Gifts for him: Orlebar Brown

Hands up who misses the beach? Orelbar Brown puts the designer in swimwear, for that guy you really want to spoil. 

They’re on a mission to use more recycled plastic waste in their shorts, and aim to use 100% organic cotton by 2030.

Seesiu pick:

Bulldog Mid-Length Swim Shorts £225

For the lad that cannot wait to get back on holiday, these snazzy swim shorts bring the party. They come with a 5 year guarantee too, *just in case* 2020 happens again.

Gifts for all: Ocean Bottle

Yes, it’s a reusable water bottle company, but yes, they’re making a HUGE impact with their bottles. 

So far they’ve saved 2,784,239kgs of plastic reaching the oceans, and have quenched many a thirsty person thanks to their award-winning bottles.

Seesiu Pick:

Forest Green Bottle £35

Anti-leak, BPA free, dishwasher safe and green. We like green. (Other colours available)

If you haven’t downloaded your Chrome extension yet, what are you waiting for? Here’s the link. Do it now. It’s free. Happy shopping!

Words: Vicki Chagger | @VickiChagger 

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