Detox your Instagram feed for a greener 2022: 10 accounts to follow

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Ready to give your home feed an eco kick?

Hold your horses matey, January doesn’t *have* to mean a life overhaul. Publish a novel, join a gym, climb Mount Everest… yeah, all noble goals friend, by why so HUGE? 

How about this: make 2022 the year that you get your sustainability sh*t sorted. 

When it comes to sustainable living and eco-friendly habits, we get it, it can feel overwhelming. Especially when you’re faced with the threat of killing orangutans with your shampoo every other day. (Seriously though, watch out for that pesky palm oil. It ain’t nobody’s pal.).

To give yourself space to slip into a greener lifestyle with less stress, we say, start with your socials. You know you’re on them more than you should be anyway, aren’t you?

So, here are 10 Instagram accounts to follow to inspire your inner activist and start that eco-journey your way:

  1. Grace Beverley – @gracebeverley

The queen of the ‘gram right now, Grace is the founder of sustainable fitness brands Shreddy and Tala®.

She may be super impressive (Forbes 30 under 30, Oxford grad, best-selling author), but this 24 year old is as down to earth as the next, and her feed is a joy to follow. 

Expect a BTS look at how she runs her ethical brands, honest accounts of life as someone trying to get “1% better each day”, and plenty of resources on switching up your habits for the greater good. 

Give her stories a watch for #relatable gems.

  1. Raakhee – @easypeasygreeny

All about starting small and building up from there, Raakhee’s feed offers LOL-worthy reels and actionable tips and tricks you can do on the daily. 

P.S anyone else do this?

  1. Nico Rosberg – @nicorosberg

Nico is an awesome example of how even those that hit the big time care about their impact, too. 

The former F1 champ is a ‘Sustainability Entrepreneur’, sharing insider goss from his racing days, right through to inspiring interviews with those doing their bit. 

Will you join him and Sir Paul McCartney for #MeatFreeMonday? It is Veganuary, after all…

  1. Seesiu – @shopseesiu

Duh, we had to include ourselves!

Follow us for advice on how to easily lower your emissions with our free Chrome extension, to discover new brands to shop with Seesiu, and to learn how to reap your Seesiu Perks

All with a sprinkling of dad jokes. 

  1. Ellie – @sustainable_lifestyletips

One for the small steps, Ellie shares her eco finds on her feed, from household items to inspirational films to get you thinking greener.

If you fancy getting boujie for 2022, check out this simple recipe to make your own oat milk. (Spoiler: you don’t have to milk oats.)

  1. Aja Barber – @ajabarber

Will a rule of “Be cool and polite.” in her bio, Aja’s feed is an inclusive space to boot you up the backside and get your priorities in order.

With a focus on fast fashion, Aja’s will inspire you to (among other things):

  • Fight for this beautiful planet
  • Love each other
  • Eat that delicious dessert
  • Annoy the sh*t out of billionaires

Amen, Aja!

  1. Addie – @oldworldnew 

Can you say that you live intentionally? It’s a big word, but an important step in making conscious decisions that will favour the planet.

Addie’s feed is a mecca of slow living tips, sustainable switches and our favourite mantra: progress over perfection. 

This reel in particular, though. YUP. One step at a time, people.

  1. Francesca Willow – @ethicalunicorn 

Sustainable living meets social justice with Francesca, who shares her thoughts and finds of navigating a greener life by the coast. 

Follow for some climate realness delivered via stunning sea views and ballet performances. 

Yes, activists are normal people, folks. 

  1. Max La Manna – @maxlamanna

Food wasters, we’re looking at you.

Max is on a mission to reduce food waste (the UK alone throws away a staggering 9.52 million tonnes of food each year), by showing you creative ways to use up the goods hanging out in your kitchen.

Lonely carrot in the drawer? Sad looking leftovers? Whip them up into something delicious with his easy recipes, like this Brocolli Stem Fried Rice

  1. Dr Anita Vandyke – @rocket_science

Last up on the list is best-selling author of A Zero Wate Life, Dr Anita.

From how to make a 2 ingredient face cleanser to decorating your pad with second-hand finds, this account makes everyday switches easy as pie. 

Plus, she’s ACTUALLY A QUALIFIED ROCKET SCIENTIST. So, if she can be greener while doing cool space stuff and studying medicine, you can too.

Who did you discover on this list? 

Go forth and download our free Chrome extension, then pat yourself on the back and share your sustainable journey with us over on Insta. Give us a follow though, yeah?

Words: Vicki Chagger | @VickiChagger 

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