Carbon offsets are certificates that are produced by projects to reduce carbon. These projects range from tree planting initiatives (sequestering carbon through absorption), to renewable energy projects (displacing dirty power generation), to improving technology – for example in cooking stoves to increase the efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of local communities 

At Seesiu we know that we should all try to reduce our carbon footprint and replace some of our actions with those that are less harsh on the environment. But we need a plan for the carbon that cannot be reduced or replaced – we need to offset it. Offsets will help us achieve our climate goals but mean we will still be able to enjoy using all the apps and technology (like online shopping and delivery services) but in a more environmentally friendly way

Afraid not. We need to work together to reduce or replace our carbon footprints but we are here to make carbon offsetting a part of everyday life as well – in the same way that online shopping and deliveries are part of all of our lives now

Climate change is a global problem – we are all in this together and therefore projects which are based somewhere far from where you live that reduce carbon help us all to reach our global climate goals. It’s all about reducing carbon emissions no matter where they are. What’s more, it also helps to rejuvenate countries where manufacturing has taken its toll, like parts of Asia, so it’s win-win

The best way to think about it is like sticking a letter in the post; when you send a letter you pay the same for a stamp whether your letter is heading 2 miles down the road, or across the country

Other than reducing the carbon that is released into the atmosphere, these projects also provide jobs and rejuvenate local communities that are already affected by some of the companies that consumers order from

All our offsets are verified by third parties (Gold Standard and VCS) to ensure that the projects are reducing the correct amount of carbon, and also that the projects are reducing carbon rather than just claiming carbon that was already going to be reduced. We also ensure that the offsets are only used once

That’s awesome! We like the sound of you. At Seesiu, we know that the only way we will tackle climate change is if we make environmentally friendly changes to all of our day-to-day habits. Therefore if you shop online and enjoy the convenience of food being delivered right to your door, making planet friendly choices to those habits too will aid the fight for climate change

Seesiu is a for good, for profit company. We believe that that the fastest and most effective way to change is to be able to attract the best talent by being a constantly innovating, fast growing, for profit company. There are a lot of amazing companies with the same attitude who we are proud to be among

We think that all companies should think about how they contribute to the carbon economy but we also think that individuals can all do their bit to help the environment – especially when we are directly responsible. At a small personal cost, Seesiu enables individuals to tackle climate change without changing their lifestyle

It’s great that electric cars and vans are on the way to help to reduce the carbon footprint of supply chains but don’t forget, electricity that powers those electric vehicles needs to come from somewhere and Seesiu still presents a way to make sure that each individual kilowatt is supplied from a renewable power source

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