Shop with Seesiu: The Halloween Edit (no tricks, just treats)

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6 things you can buy today to save your ass this spook season

Holy Dracula, it’s October already and Halloween is fast approaching. Anyone else feel like they’ve only just made a New Year’s resolution? Jeez.

Alas, the sun has well and truly p*ssed off and the nights are drawing in, so it’s time to cosy up to the idea that there’s a big chance you’ll be invited to some sort of Halloween shindig. If that’s not your bag, that’s fine, but it’s best for everyone involved if you make at least a little effort to, you know, be “Halloweeny”.

That being said, we’re not here to pressure you into spending your cash money on a spooky wig and faux teeth that you’ll likely never wear again. That ain’t fun for anyone. Believe us when we say the planet doesn’t like it when you leave plastic neck knives to sit idly for thousands of years doing sweet F all.

For our first shopping edit, we’re sharing ghoulish items from our retailers that you can use to dress the part on the night, but also re-wear, reuse and re-style month on month. 

The best part? By shopping these products through us rather than direct, you’ll offset those terrifying carbon emissions caused when the goods get shipped to you. 

So grab the red food colouring, download your Seesiu Chrome Extension if you haven’t already and let’s get you ready for the party.

ASOS Ruffle Front Shirt

The looks: 

We’ll kick things off with this ruffle front number from ASOS Design. They say it’s men’s, we’d say it’s unisex. But you do you.

  • Add a blue blazer and channel your inner Austin Powers.
  • Pair with a headscarf and be a pirate. Smudge number 3 on the list on your eyes for extra effect.
  • Tuck into high-waisted distressed jeans, stuff hay/straw in the sleeves and tell people you’re a scarecrow.

The price:


Koi Footwear Tira Mara Janes ‘Rocco Chain Edition’

Quite possibly the most iconic footwear shape of the season, the Mary Jane brings with it charm, badassery and 3 inches of extra height. 

This particular pair come from Koi, the 100% vegan footwear brand getting hella creative with their designs. They’ve teamed up with content creator Mara Calli for this edition, and the added chain is a vibe.

The looks: 

  • Add an LBD and plait pigtails for instant Wednesday Addams.
  • Pair with flares, orange sunglasses and a feather boa. Grab a mic, dust off those vocals and wham bam, thank you Pam, you’re Harry Styles for the night.
  • + shirt + tie + skirt/trousers/shorts = school uniform. Call it a day.

The price: 


Glossier Liquid Eyeliner in Black

What’s a Halloween look without eyeliner? A shambles, that’s what. Glossier’s Pro Tip Liner is quite possibly one of the best liners on the market. 

Always messing it up? It’s got a pen tip. Never get enough colour? It’s highly pigmented and buildable. It’s vegan, cruelty free, and ideal for all levels of makeup mastery. 

The looks: 

  • Use to turn your face into a spider web. Extra points for sticking a paper spider to your eyebrow.
  • Layer on thick as an eyeliner for many looks: goth, rockstar, pirate (see item 1), hungover person, someone who’s just been punched for throwing something recyclable into the bin… 
  • Draw on a nose and whiskers if you fancy being basic. No judgement. Cats are cute.

The price:


Halloween pumpkin bouquet

There has to be a pumpkin of sorts on Halloween or it doesn’t count. If carving out faces isn’t for you, our partner M&S has just the thing: a flower bouquet in the shape of the root veg.

It comes with eight different types of bloom, including germini, orange rose and antirrhinums, ready for you to arrange and place wherever you fancy. 

This is not just any pumpkin shaped bouquet…

The price:


Lola’s Cupcakes Halloween Pumpkin

For those of you that do love to carve, don’t miss out on getting the plumpest of pumpkins and make sure to order yours online. All the bougie people do. 

What will you carve on yours? The classic pointy face is always a winner, but there are plenty of templates online if art isn’t your strong subject, like these.

Fuji Instax Mini

Last on the list, capture all of your Halloween antics on the Fuji Instax Mini in yellow. If you do this one, take photos of your photos and post them to Instagram, and tag us at @shopseesiu so we can pretend we were at the party too.

The price:


Don’t have the extension yet? Download it here. Let’s move the party to the comments… Tell us, what look are you going for?
Words: Vicki Chagger | @VickiChagger

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